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About Us

We are a group of Young Entrepreneurs working together to change the world and to create jobs, We are starting with a strong foundation on technology and work to branch into all areas of our technological world

Create Your Own Genuine Web Masterpiece

We are a group of young entrepreneurs making a better future for are selfs and others

Embracing Digital

We are the younger generation of the world so our lives contains nothing but technology.  Our company revolves around technology, each a every single Zuku associate is involving in it somehow and they love it.

What Makes Our Team Unique

We are a group of young, intelligent, and creative entrepreneurs.  We see the world in a whole different way than the average student. Making a future for ourselves at a young age.  We are also best friends who we like hanging out, having fun and seeing the best in everything we do.

Our Daily lives

We start our day going to school, either Pickens or Woodmont High School.  After school we have a list of activities such as our jobs. Other than that we enjoy working towards our success!

Our Skills & Expertise

With two years of experience on computer and phone repair, our team can handle it. Our young minds know everything about social media and technology in our world.

Social Media 0
Coding 0
PR & Marketing 0
General Partner
Juan Garcia

The key to success is a strong mindset, hard work, and a passion for what you do.

Senior Partner Finance
Kwenton Waldrop

Life is short, so live how you like and love what you do.

Senior Partner Customer Relations
Douglas Higgins

The world is waiting for a change, why not change it.

Art Director
Kade Wilson

I'm just a normal kid, with a strong mindset for success.

We are supported by the best!

Our partners expertise allows us to provide the total service for our clients